Lifted Docs

Security Settings

In order to prioritize the security and fairness of all users, and to mitigate potential risks from hackers or other cyber threats, the team has made the decision to distribute all LFT tokens across five separate secure addresses. Each address will be publicly disclosed, along with a detailed explanation of the specific use of LFT tokens within each secure location, inviting full transparency and user oversight. This step is aimed at strengthening the platform's security measures, fostering trust and confidence within the Liftedbit community, and ensuring the utmost protection of users' assets and interests.
All addresses are as below:
  • Address 1: 0x9097a516A327fC731f4B7B1ecE40540673f2950E
The tokens allocated to early investors, foundation, team, and advisors amount to 12,000,000 LFT, accounting for 30% of the total supply. These tokens will be subject to a 2-year lock-up period. After the 2-year lock-up period, a linear release of 3% will occur each month.
  • Address 2: 0x970E20b96CEE8B84b29E14A7f5eceD20C8ad0Ed3
The tokens allocated for the pre-sale round, liquidity, market, and partnership amount to 10,000,000 LFT, accounting for 25% of the total supply. These tokens will be subject to adjustments in line with market operation strategies and the actual swap situation. The distribution of LFT tokens and USDT for swaps will also be managed from this address. This approach allows for flexibility and adaptability to market dynamics, ensuring an optimal balance between supply and demand and supporting the liquidity and efficiency of the Liftedbit ecosystem.
  • Address 3: 0xa727bAD12f89Ca27386C0F860A98240B47e0ac38
The tokens allocated for staking rewards account for 22.5% of the total supply, totaling 9,000,000 LFT. These tokens will be used to provide rewards to all users for conversion and withdrawal purposes. Among them,98%, equivalent to 8,820,000 LFT, will be stored in this address.
  • Address 4: 0xf6e2880861baC4CF62013409014Ad3E74F5A95Ef
2% of the tokens allocated for staking rewards, equivalent to 180,000 LFT, will be available for users to convert and withdraw in real-time. Daily transfers will be made from address 3 to maintain the balance at or below 180,000 LFT. This measure is implemented to increase security and ensure a controlled distribution of rewards, while maintaining a reasonable token supply.
  • Address 5: 0x02beBB9808bf2Ca4B04407fe00cD16A47dBAD04a
The tokens allocated for trading rewards account for 22.5% of the total supply, totaling 9,000,000 LFT. These tokens will be used to reward Liftedbit's trading users. However, as the the Liftedbit exchange is still under development, this portion will remain locked until the exchange officially launched and trading is open.
  • Address 6: 0xE15Bd0009a153182b276C042F811B73e94e70Fdb
All the LFT tokens staked by users will directly enter this address and will not be transferred out unless under special circumstances. Please note that once the displayed staked LFT reaches 7.5%, which is 3,000,000 LFT, we will no longer accept any further staking.
  • Address 7: 0x7683dEc3c2097Ab24c0890948337e5B41e68C59D
The trading fee generated from swaps in DEX will be directed to this address, and there might be partial transfers based on the actual circumstances.
  • Address 8: 0x678DD6b66c13AF49E20ceFf6a9861026B18D53d6
LFT token, in arbitrum one network.
  • Address 9: 0xFd086bC7CD5C481DCC9C85ebE478A1C0b69FCbb9
USDT token, in arbitrum one network.