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Lifted Foundation

Lifted Foundation is the governing body responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of Lifted Dao. Supported by Lifted Stake, the Foundation plays a crucial role in making decisions, setting guidelines, and ensuring the effective governance of the Lifted ecosystem. It focuses on the strategic development and long-term sustainability of Lifted Dao, working towards the collective goals and interests of the community. Through its governance efforts, Lifted Foundation aims to foster transparency, fairness, and innovation within the Lifted ecosystem.
Foundation plays a crucial role in governing Lifted Dao and receives full support from Lifted Stake. As the governing body, the Foundation oversees the decision-making process and sets the direction for Lifted Dao's operations and development. It ensures that the principles, rules, and protocols of Lifted Dao are adhered to and serves the best interests of the community. Additionally, the Foundation works closely with Lifted Stake to provide the necessary resources and support for the successful functioning of Lifted Dao.