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Lifted Dao

Lifted DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a governance system and community-driven platform that aims to decentralize decision-making and empower token holders to participate in the governance of the Lifted ecosystem. It allows LFT token holders to have a voice in shaping the direction and policies of the platform.
The Lifted DAO operates through a voting mechanism, where token holders can propose and vote on various proposals, such as protocol upgrades, parameter changes, and funding allocation. These proposals are executed based on the consensus of the token holders, ensuring a democratic and decentralized decision-making process.
Through the Lifted DAO, token holders have the opportunity to actively contribute to the development and growth of the ecosystem, ensuring a more inclusive and transparent governance model. The DAO also helps to align the interests of the community and enables collective decision-making to support the long-term sustainability and success of the Lifted platform.