Lifted Docs

How it works?

Staking Pool: The staking pool is a protocol designed to handle deposits, staking rewards, withdrawals, and the provision of hedging funds to Liftedbit. It serves as a platform for users to pool their digital tokens and participate in staking activities.
Liftedbit: Liftedbit is a trading platform that enables users to execute various option strategies. With the availability of hedging funds from the staking pool, users can implement arbitrage strategies to generate profits. Liftedbit provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of options for traders to engage in the cryptocurrency market.
Lifted Stake: Lifted Stake is a feature that allows users to stake their digital tokens and provide liquidity to the staking pool. By staking their tokens, users contribute to the pool's overall liquidity and earn rewards in return. These staked tokens can then be utilized for various purposes, including hedging and arbitrage strategies on Liftedbit.